Evolving Preservation Policy toward Justice and Climate

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 | 12pm ET 

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This course critically explores the intersection of historic preservation, social justice, and climate action. It charts the early development of energy performance codes, tax incentives, and related building- and community-oriented legislation, and how historic preservation interests influenced their scope and implementation. It examines how preservation policy prioritizes certain values in the built environment, which may contribute to social exclusion and the underrepresentation of diverse narratives. And it interrogates how these intertwined legacies of energy and justice may impede decarbonization and adaptation of the built environment. Hosted by the Historic Resources Committee.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about the intersecting histories of energy and historic preservation regulation
  • Understand the systemic justice implications of historic preservation practice and policies
  • Learn about how these energy histories and justice implications complicate contemporary climate action and compel preservation policy reform.
  • Anticipate areas of critical overlap and increasing tension regarding preservation policy and energy transitions, circular economies, densification, and climate migration and resilience.
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    Erica Avrami


    James Marston Fitch Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation | Columbia University

    Erica Avrami, PhD, is the James Marston Fitch Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation at...