Expand Your Design Palette With Digital Media Technologies

Receive the essential information and a roadmap for the selection and integration of the right digital technology application for your design.


Interior and exterior spaces are increasingly ripe for use as engaging digital media canvases, whether you’re designing a commercial or retail space, transit or aviation hub, entertainment facility or attraction, or a mixed-use location. Such digital displays allow architects to design with technology that fits within the defined aesthetic and property owner objectives whether for commerce, the arts, information sharing, or a combination. But what technologies are there, and which ones are right for your specific project?

Whether flexible LED, architectural-grade media glass or thin cabinetry design, this session will provide the roadmap for the selection and integration of the right technology application for your specific design. Referencing real-life case studies, this course explains why certain products were selected for high-profile digital deployments including an all-encompassing LED tunnel, a redesigned retail banking environment, a historic New York transit hub renovation, and the custom solutions for a multi-use commercial venue.


Learning objectives

  • Review the latest digital media technologies, common applications and their specifications
  • Learn which types of technologies are best for different environments and project goals
  • Understand critical infrastructure requirements and other deployment considerations
  • Explain best practices and the importance of early planning when incorporating digital media canvases into designs

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