Fabulous Pre-fab: Applying Modular Construction to Multifamily Residential Projects

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Discover the benefits and design possibilities that modular buildings offer.


Do the words "modular construction" conjure up images of trailer parks, motels, and shipping containers? You’re not alone. Despite the benefits of prefabrication many have a negative perception of modular construction. However, the nature of modular buildings offers many design opportunities including the pushing and pulling of modules, integrated outdoor space, and variety across a façade.

This course will explore the benefits of modular construction, including:

• The pushing and pulling of modules

• Integrated outdoor space

• Variety across a facade

• Higher construction quality

Challenge preconceived notions of modular construction with the limitless possibilities of these designs.


Learning objectives

  • Define permanent modular construction and describe its benefits.
  • Identify the challenges of using permanent modular construction in major cities.
  • Explain how modular construction can be applied to multifamily residential projects.
  • Combat the negative perception of modular construction with well-designed, high-quality precedents and innovative design strategies.

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Contents Video, quiz, evaluation

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Duration 1:00

Passing Score 80% on quiz