Flood-Resistant Design for Both Rising Seas & Traditional Flooding

Sea rise and climate change are critical forces influencing your work.


Sea rise and climate change are critical forces influencing your work. In this course you'll have a unique opportunity to hear directly from a leading expert on the topic. Join us to learn about the "five flood factors" from the originator of the term, John Englander, an expert on sea-level rise. He'll explain why storms, heavy rain, runoff, "king tides," and slowly rising sea level each must be understood separately to grasp how they can combine for record-breaking floods. Hear directly from the esteemed author on what's happening in Antarctica and Greenland based on first-hand experience—and how that knowledge must guide future design. 

Learning objectives

  • Review different parameters for four short-lived flood factors, with rising sea level as a long-term flood factor.
  • Investigate the ways you can consider the different kinds of flooding for design criteria.
  • Learn why rising sea level is no longer stoppable, understand why it can vary greatly by location, and discuss the worst-case scenarios.
  • Build understanding of why energy-efficient "green buildings" (e.g. LEED) are not a solution to rising sea level.
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    John Englander

    Executive Director | International Sea Level Institute

    John Englander is an oceanographer, consultant and leading expert on sea level rise. His marine...