Focusing on Data-Driven Design Decisions


Many small to mid-sized firms lack the technology and personnel to adequately capture, evaluate, and disseminate project-critical data. Larger firms may have the technology and personnel but not a strategy for determining what data to gather and how to interpret and integrate the data into their workflows.

In both cases, creating and employing analytical data models is a challenging task. Where will the vast amounts of data come from? Will the data be current and secure? Is there a reliable approach for developing and deploying a data-driven decision process? Join us to explore these and other critical questions that may arise when adopting new or innovative data platforms for building design and specification.

Learning objectives

  • Discuss what data-driven decisions are and why they're important.
  • Identify what data points are critical to capture, curate and deploy.
  • Determine the level of security needed for your type of practice.
  • Prepare a strategy to begin adopting a data-driven decision culture for design and product selection.

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