The Four Stages of Energy Modeling in the Life Cycle of Building Design

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The Four Stages of Energy Modeling in the Life Cycle of Building Design

Learn the science that informs energy modeling and how the four stages can be efficiently and effectively used to improve decisions and continue the design process


Energy modeling is a crucial part of building design. It provides information to help shape the building and, if done early enough, offers ways to improve designs by informing decisions. This seminar will provide some science to inform you on what is being done during energy modeling. This will then be translated into a discussion on the tools and how one can increase the speed with which energy modeling is executed.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basic physics and calculation processes under way during energy modeling.           
  • Understand the types of energy modeling tools available and when each is applicable.
  • Better communicate with the energy modeler on their design team and ask better questions that result in accelerating the design process and reduce the time between design to modeling iterations.
  • Enjoy the energy modeling process and a useful design-informing activity rather than a frustrating, slow, overly scienced task.

Course details

Contents Video, quiz, evaluation

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Duration 1:00

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