The Functional Program: The Foundation of Every Successful Project

Explore in depth the options to approaching the need for and developing a functional program.


The Functional Program is a set of documents intended to describe the essential objectives of a healthcare project.  There are many elements that are universal to a Functional Program such as the Room Allocation Table and a narrative, but a Functional Program can be customized to support the project goals with business plans, diagrams and adjacency studies, budgets or estimates and other vital information.  The Functional Program is the guide of any project, and its power is to provide the first chance to create viable fit plans, test budgets and financing, address code issues and fully engage, by building trust, the client and their colleagues. 

Learning objectives

  • Describe what the basic requirements are for the Functional Program
  • Understand basic points that might be required by an Authority Having Jurisdiction and what enhancements would be covered in a thorough Functional Program
  • Determine additional supportive information to customize a Functional Program to support a project
  • Advocate the benefits of preparing a thorough Functional Program and how this can help build a trusting relationship between the architectural team and the client.



This session was recorded live on September 14, 2021.

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