Fundamentals of NetZero Residential Construction

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B Building Science


Fundamentals of NetZero Residential Construction

Explore the use of digital modeling to create a feedback loop for effective design choices in the context of urban infill net-zero residential construction.


A net-zero energy home is capable of producing renewable energy equal to the amount it consumes over the course of a year. This requires a thorough understanding of both passive design and active systems, and how they might work together for greater results. Ultimately, it is important to approach net-zero construction with the goal of challenging the current thinking for residential construction and to look for the types of innovation seen in the aerospace and automobile industries. This session will present you with research on energy harvesting, efficient envelopes, and sustainable design in the context of urban infill net-zero residential construction.

Learning objectives

  • Explain the four-step process of net-zero residential construction of reducing energy demands, focusing on a tight, high-performing building envelope, utilizing highly efficient systems, and finding opportunities for energy production.
  • Explain the key concepts behind net-zero residential construction.
  • Recognize when and why net-zero construction is an appropriate response to your specific location and climate.
  • Identify and replicate the approach to residential construction that results in net-zero energy use.

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