The Future of Making Buildings

The course explores the implications of current and future disruptions to change production, demand, and products and how architects can evolve to offer tailored solutions and services.


The only thing that remains the same is the fact that things will change. Disruptions are happening in all markets affecting how things are made. As communication systems, technology, idea sourcing, and big data continues to change our world how will design and production in the world of architecture change?

In this course, learn how this next “era of connection” can be a great opportunity for an evolution in management style, knowledge dissemination, and leadership for architects as they create buildings of integrated function and usage for today into tomorrow.

Learning objectives

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

•     Identify the implications of disruptions in terms of the change in production, demand, and product in the field of architecture.

•     Compare the era of documentation to the era of optimization and articulate how the era of connection will affect project approach.

•     Discuss the evolution of capability that an architect needs when it comes to working with useful data and communications.

•     Analyze the changing digital and physical relationships users have with buildings and be able to prescribe solutions and services.

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  • Phillip G. Bernstein


    Associate Dean and Professor Adjunct / Yale School of Architecture

    Phil Bernstein is an architect, technologist and educator who is an Associate Dean and Professor...