The Good, the Bad, and the EUI (Energy Use Intensity)

Gain a deeper understanding of the energy use intensity (EUI) metric and develop a better ability to evaluate the energy performance of your designs.


How well do you understand the energy use intensity (EUI) metric? If you are a little fuzzy on the specifics, this course will sharpen your understanding.

Learn how to:

• Establish definitive carbon and energy-use targets for your design projects.

• Use the EPA Target Finder/Portfolio Manager tools for new construction projects.

• Gauge how your project's energy consumption compares to similar buildings around the country.

• Calculate projected energy costs and GHG emissions.

• Create custom reports, share data, and provide energy and carbon metrics for AIA 2030 Commitment and other initiatives.

Many cities now require EUI for energy-use disclosure. By gaining a deeper understanding of this widely used metric, you'll have a better ability to evaluate the energy performance of your designs.

Learning objectives

•    Understand the components and scope of the EUI metric: what it measures and what it does not.

•    Use the energy use intensity (EUI) metric to understand the relative energy performance of design projects, and to learn how your design EUI compares with that of similar building occupancy types and/or the national median.

•    Determine what constitutes a good EUI for high-performing buildings, a median EUI, and an EUI for a low performing buildings for various building occupancy types.

•    Understand the difference between site and source energy use intensity, and why source EUI is the most foundational metric in furthering a low-carbon, energy-efficient, environmentally sound built environment.

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