The Green Police Return, Round 2

A Review of Green Building Products and Systems: Green Washers Beware!


Attendees will hear their thoughts on products, process, and programs, revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly components in green building – all updated for 2016. Like Click and Clack, or Siskel and Ebert, or Pinky and the Brain; sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t, but they are always entertaining.

Presented as a part of the CRAN Symposium 2016.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the current major categories of green building and how they figure into a product, system, or program valuation.
  • Learn how to evaluate green product marketing claims, and to determine if a particular product is appropriate for your project and climate.
  • Understand the limitations of ‘greening up’ a project vs an integrative design approach that builds off the tenants of green building
  • Learn how to use green certification as a quality assurance tool for your projects.

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  • Michael Anschel

    Principal, CEO, Co-Founder

    Metro magazine named Michael Anschel “Reason #26” in their top 100 reasons to love the Twin cities...
  • Carl Seville

    Principal, SK Collaborative

    Carl Seville is a consultant, educator, and speaker on sustainability for the residential...