GROW Symposium 2015: Cultivating Future Architectural Leaders, Part 3

Explore how your presentation skills is a business tool that can better connect you with clients.


GROW is a one-day symposium geared toward emerging leaders and mid-career architects seeking inspiration and knowledge. Whether you are moving up in your current firm or thinking about starting a new one, learn critical skills and new ways to think about practice from leaders who are reshaping the business of architecture.

In Part 3, Susan Murphy coaches viewers on general presentation skills and illustrates details that can specifically help architects connect with clients. Susan returns to join Joel Peterson and Rena M. Klein in a panel discussion on some of the key concepts about how best to approach running an architectural business.

Learning objectives

  • Learn practical presentation skills and how these skills will be crucial in business development.
  • Develop tailored marketing pitches and learn how to engage potential clients.
  • Experience how to engage non-architect audiences in talking about architecture projects.
  • Research how to create a positive firm culture, and how to find and retain talent within in a firm.
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  • RIBA


  • Rena Klein, FAIA

    Rena M. Klein


    Principal, RM Klein Consulting

    Rena M. Klein, FAIA, is a nationally recognized expert in small firm practice and author of “The...
  • Susan Murphy

    Principal, Murphy Motivation and Training

    Susan Murphy has been coaching Presentation and Interview Skills for over twenty years. After a...
  • Joel Peterson

    Director of Human Resources, Goshow Architects

    Joel Peterson is Director of Human Resources for a professional design firm in New York City. Joel...

Course details

Contents: Video, quiz, evaluation

Expiration: One year after purchase

Duration: 1:45

Passing Score: 80% on quiz