Growing Your Firm: Secrets to Success

How do firms succeed in maintaining excellence and profitability as they grow?


How do firms succeed in maintaining excellence and profitability as they grow? We will explore this question with case studies of two very different firms: Studio MM, founded alone by Marica in 2010, now a five person firm; and Atelier D, currently 20 people, up from nine in 2014. From these two examples, key qualities of successful firm growth will be discussed including having a plan, engaging your employees, and learning to be a leader. The highly interactive presentation will include dialogue and exercises to help you understand growth planning and how to identify a successful hire. It will also include dialogue between Marica and Rena regarding small firm growth with ample time for questions and knowledge sharing with colleagues from around the nation.

Learning objectives

  • Discover the importance of firm culture and how to implement systems for success
  • Understand how to identify the right person to hire and establish key roles and responsibilities
  • Learn to use financial metrics that are reliable financial forecasters and hiring indicators, even in unpredictable environments
  • Explore best practices in growth planning and leadership through case studies of successful, fast growing firms

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    Rena M. Klein


    Vice President of Investment Partnerships | Charrette Venture Group

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