Holistic Firm Management: Operational Insights in Service Toward a Work-Life Balance


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be defined and implemented to guide you toward both professional and personal success. If you can’t measure it, you can’t track it, and you won’t know how to improve it. This fast-paced session will share with you the KPIs that reflect your progress and guide your future for these six essential components of every successful firm:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Human resources
  3. Business development and marketing
  4. Architectural deliverables
  5. Operational and financial systems
  6. Work/life balance

As managing partners of their respective firms, both presenters have deep experience, understanding, and respect for culture, structure, discipline, data, and technology that are crucial in order for firms to remain competitive and profitable.

Learning objectives

  • Develop a strategic plan and measure against it
  • Cultivate a firm culture and use KPIs to ensure their staff deliver on their vision
  • Develop and monitor a marketing strategy and business development plan
  • Use KPIs for profitability and reducing risk (projects, clients and employees)
  • Implement operational and accounting systems built specifically for architecture firms
  • Achieve a work-life balance for themselves and their firm


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