An exercise in perspective

How to Manage Your Client

Challenge your understanding of client management.


This session is meant to challenge our habitual understanding of client management by making the invisible visible. It is important to collaboratively and collectively refine or better illuminate the ubiquitous term "client management." Communication friction is inevitable but how much energy you spend managing it is a choice - for you! By trading up for a better definition client management, a true misnomer, you can pro-actively engage your client in problem solving and in their own satisfaction with the design process.

Presented as a part of the CRAN Symposium 2016.

Learning objectives

  • Collaboratively explore and re-define the meaning of client management.
  • Gain insight to change and why the very change clients want is so difficult for them and you.
  • Gain awareness of the five greatest communication vulnerabilities when 2 or more people work together.
  • Begin to develop a skills practice to leverage the best of you AND your client.

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