HPD: Hazard or Risk?

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Discussion on the use and analysis of Health Product Declarations to empower and inform clients and the duties architects and interior designers have under law.


The Health Product Declaration Collaborative has developed Health Product Declarations (HPD’s) in order to promote transparency, openness and innovation in the stream of construction products, furniture, and equipment.  HPD’s require disclosure of product contents and ingredient composition so that specifiers and their clients are sufficiently empowered to make informed choices in product selection.  This session will discuss duties under contract and at law of architects and interior designers to their clients and third parties, and the possible extension of those duties or relationship of those duties in relation to the use and analysis of HPD’s.

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the importance of contract review and negotiation when a duty to someone other than your client may arise out of items that are in the contract.
  • Explore instances where clarity about roles and responsibilities in relation to HPD’s and their use is important.
  • Learn about instances where a party with special knowledge is aware of the inevitable reliance of an injured party upon the professionalism of the party, that there is a special relationship found between the parties, there is actual reliance, and the party with special knowledge fails to act reasonably.  
  • Discuss HPDs as an untested area of the law with examples of non-liability (such as in relation to worker injury).

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