Implementing the Guides for Equitable Practice


The AIA Guides for Equitable Practice make the moral, business, ethical, and societal cases for equitable practice in the profession of architecture. They provide key insights to hear insights on how the guides can change firm culture and create an environment that nurtures retention and inspires limitless thinking. In this course, participants will discover recommendations on how to achieve goals found within the Guides through utilization in practice and as a resource in connecting these goals with the work of their firm/organization.

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Learning objectives

  • Explain why goals and motivations play an important role in equity, diversity, and inclusion work.
  • Compare and contrast equity as an input with diversity as an output
  • Utilize the AIA Guides as a resource by using a variety of strategies to engage the material
  • Navigate through multiple AIA Guides to better understand a single complex issue
  • Connect the work of their firm with goals or prompts in the Guides

This session was recorded live on March 30, 2022. 

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