Kitchens of the Future: Healthy, Sustainable, and Connected


The kitchen has been trending toward minimalism, sustainability, and the increasing desire of consumers to eat healthy foods, often cooked at home. Homeowners are now more aware of the importance of sustainable, healthy building materials, and designers are reimagining the kitchen from the standpoint of storage, prep, cooking, disposal, consumption, and social activity. This course will look to the future of kitchen design, including how connected appliances will change the way we interact in the kitchen.

Learning objectives

  • Analyze the evolution of the 21st-century kitchen and the impact to occupants as architects and designers design the kitchen space.
  • Explore potential opportunities for kitchen design to evolve in terms of storage, prep, cooking, disposal, consumption, and social activity and the impact this has on the occupancy experience.
  • Identify the importance of specifying sustainable, healthy building materials and appliances in the kitchen design process.
  • Examine the role of connected appliances in terms of the way occupants prep, cook, and socialize within the kitchen space.




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