Lean Architecture: Excellence in Project Delivery

Explore the essentials of Lean Thinking, identify 3 goals for implementation, and explore its application within project management, documentation, and technology.


Lean Architecture is the ongoing process of rethinking and improving architectural methodology. It is the pursuit of better work by applying "Lean" principles to every aspect of professional practice. It is about smarter information flow and understanding how we perceive and process information to become better communicators among ourselves and with the ultimate users of our services.

This fast-paced program covers the key essentials of Lean Thinking; identifies three goals for implementation by architects; and explores their application to project management, documentation, and technology.

Lean Architecture is not about skipping necessary steps or leaving out important information; instead it identifies what adds value and eliminates what does not. "Lean" is the 21st-century language that addresses how manufacturing, construction, and product development are successfully done by the most innovative companies in the world. This energetic presentation shares those principles with proven examples for implementation by architects and their firms.

Learning objectives

  • Compare the three current systems of Process Management: Lean Thinking, 6 Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints.
  • Identify the principles of Lean Architecture.
  • Evaluate the impact of Lean Architecture upon contemporary architectural methodology and practice in management, design, documentation, and technology.
  • Develop instructional documentation and communication systems that increase productivity with greater accuracy and a reduction in errors.
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