Lean (Financial) Management for Architectural Firms

Bring your firm greater efficiency and profitability by exploring how to implement a Lean approach to financial management


Lean management is the long-term approach where you seek small, systematic, incremental changes in your process in order to improve your efficiency and quality. Successful implementation is achieved not by the management team but instead from the workers themselves. The front-line staff, those who actually perform the work are the ones charged with innovating ways to speed the process, minimize risk and provide higher client satisfaction.

This seminar explores in a humorous way that a Lean approach to financial management can be implemented in an architectural firm. These methods will bring your firm greater efficiency and profitability.

This session will cover concepts including:

  • Best practices for sharing financial information with staff
  • How to empower employees to create change and enjoy greater control over their jobs
  • The fundamental financial elements for any architectural firm, including billing rates, budget plans, profit plans, earned value, and forecasted revenue
  • Mobile and software solutions to help firms follow the lean approach

Upon completion, you'll be able to apply your learnings to empower your staff to build a stronger, more profitable firm.

Learning objectives

Upon completion participants will be able to:

  • Implement simple systems to monitor project profitability, earned value and forecast revenue.
  • Easily calculate ideal billing rates for their staff. They’ll be able to see if current bill rates are actually bring a profit to the firm based on actual employee utilization.
  • Implement changes in their practice to empower and engage the staff to build a stronger firm and increase profitability.
  • Create a realistic Profit Plan and understand how this is integral to a successful practice.
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