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Level I Trauma Room Design: Research-Based Strategies for Improved Outcomes


The physical environment of trauma room plays a significant role in improving the treatment process and saving lives. This session will present the findings from a vigorous research project on Level I trauma rooms design, titled “Toward a Model of Safety and Care for Trauma Room Design.” This project is a $2.47m grant project awarded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Kent State University’s Healthcare Design, Nursing, and Computer Science programs and Cleveland Clinic Akron General. The principal investigator of this project, Dr. Sara Bayramzadeh will present the research outcomes; a list of design strategies that create efficient workflow, reduce interruptions and disruptions of the treatment process, address the sensory stimulating factors properly, and integrate technology according to the clinicians’ experience and suggestions. All this knowledge can serve as a primary source to direct trauma room designs. Presented by the Academy of Architecture for Health.

Learning objectives

  • Identify design issues in Level I trauma rooms that lead to adverse events and inefficient care.
  • Identify work system components that support or impede the role of the physical environment in improving safe and efficient care in Level I trauma rooms.
  • Recognize complex interrelationships among workflow, interruptions, technology, and sensory stimuli in Level I trauma rooms.
  • Recognize the importance of the sensory stimuli factors, such as glare or temperature, and how to address those through design. 

Recorded live on May 10, 2022.

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  • Dr. Sara Bayramzadeh

    Sara Bayramzadeh


    Professor  |  Kent State University

    Dr. Sara Bayramzadeh joined Kent State University as the Coordinator of and Elliot Professor in the...
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    Sharmin Kader


    Researcher  |  Kent State University

    Sharmin Kader, Ph.D. in Architecture, is a designer, researcher, and educator with over twelve...