Leveraging the integrative process for health

Utilize the integrative process to meet your health goals.


The integrative process, which has been leveraged in the green building movement, can be instrumental in adding a health focus to your next project. With America’s healthcare expenses continue to rise and we rebuild post-pandemic, collaboration with public health professionals will be more critical than ever.

In this course, you will learn the basic principles and structure of the integrative process and how it can be leveraged for meeting health goals. The course will highlight key considerations for early design phases as well as how to find public health professionals and the value that different stakeholders might bring.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basics of an integrative process.
  • Explore how to incorporate health and well-being into the integrative process, including developing health-oriented goals and selecting relevant metric.
  • Articulate the value for intentional health promotion in the design and construction process.
  • Be able to identify public health professionals and related stakeholders in the design process and know what they bring to the table.


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