Live Course: Color & Paint in Environments for the Aging

Register for this live course and learn more about how aging and disease not only affect how well we see, but also how we perceive color. It’s crucial for architects to carefully consider their color selections to ensure safety and quality of life for elderly occupants.


This live course is presented in collaboration with Benjamin Moore

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2035, people 65 and older will outnumber children for the first time, and by 2050 they will account for 23.5% of the U.S. population. For architects designing environments for this growing segment, it’s important to consider how aging and diseases can affect vision. This not only means how well a building occupant can see but also how well they perceive color, and how those impacts can influence their independence, safety, and health.

This course will explore common care environments for the elderly, from home-based care to assisted living, and practical application regarding high-performing, low-VOC paint. Participants will understand how to specify appropriate colors and sheens of paint to positively impact quality of life, orientation, and navigation for residents and occupants.

Date: March 28, 2019 at 12 noon ET.

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Learning objectives

  • Discuss the growth of the aging population and common health problems they face, specifically as it relates to vision, and recognize the ways these health problems alter or interfere with color perception.
  • Differentiate the type of common care environments for the elderly.
  • Describe the ways color can help facilitate the quality of life, navigation, and orientation for the aging population.
  • Summarize how premium, low-VOC paint can offer durability and safe application in environments for the aging.
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Contents: Live course, evaluation

Expiration: One year after purchase

Duration: 1:00

Passing Score: 80% on quiz