Live Course: Roofing Wind Speeds: ASCE 7, Uplift Ratings, and Warranties

The industry often faces confusion between building codes, uplift rated assemblies, and warranties. Register for this session to look into what each offers and how they should be considered.


When it comes to roofing assemblies, architects and engineers face confusing terminology and rating systems related to uplift testing, meeting code standards, and selecting warranties. Gaining a better handle and making accurate comparisons requires designers to understand how uplift is determined using local wind speed, and the industry-accepted uplift rating testing method of roofing assemblies. Finally, how do these factors play into manufacturers’ offered warranties to ensure building owners receive the appropriate coverage?

To understand the building code, the session will review how uplift is determined and the industry accepted uplift rating test method of roofing assemblies for comparison. After understanding the code criteria, how a roofing warranty wind speed coverage is regarded by the industry and building code will be reviewed to assist in clarification. 

Date: December 11th, 2019 at 12 PM ET.

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Learning objectives

  • Learn the basic design process for choosing the correct roofing assembly
  • Review the changes within the latest version of the ASCE 7
  • Understand how roof assemblies are tested and rated for uplift pressures
  • Realize the differences in how warranty winds speeds are handled by roofing manufacturers and what to watch out for so the building owner receives the most comprehensive coverage
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