Materials Selection and Lessons Learned from Living Building Project Teams

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B Building Science


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Emerge by AIAU


Learn how to prepare for and work through the intricacies of the LBC Certification Program.


Want to ensure you choose the most effective and compliant materials for your Living Building Challenge project? Eliminate the guesswork and fast-track the certification process!

In this course, architects who have successfully completed LBC projects and the Materials Petal share process approaches, tools, and resources, as well as lessons learned about best practices.

The course will provide you with heightened knowledge of these key concepts:

  • Effective methodologies for identifying and vetting LBC compliant materials
  • The philosophy and requirements of each Materials Imperative
  • How to avoid toxic Red List chemicals and locally source materials

Increase your chances of LBC success by learning from teams who have mastered the process.

Learning objectives

  • Apply an effective methodology for identifying and vetting LBC compliant materials.
  • Explain key strategies for achieving the Red List.
  • Discuss lessons learned and tips for success in achieving the Materials Petal.
  • Understand how the process to create a Living Building goes beyond the typical integrative design. 

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