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Micro-Hospitals: Healthcare for the Community


As healthcare systems are looking for innovative ways to bring hospital services to rural communities and neighborhoods, healthcare architecture is challenged to include all the requirements of a licensed 24/7 hospital within a footprint that is a fraction of a traditional hospital while simultaneously designing a community-friendly building that still reflects the healthcare system’s branding.  

This course will present case studies of four micro-hospitals – each having its own unique solution while staying true to the micro-hospital model.

Hosted by the Academy of Architecture for Health AIA Knowledge Community. 

Learning objectives

  • Explore micro-hospital definition regarding services, HC system integration and location in provision of health care services not otherwise available.
  • Understand Micro hospital’s staffing model as integral for operational success in achieving efficiencies while providing best possible patient safety and comfort.
  • Avoid pitfalls of large hospital mindset leading to cost prohibitive delivery of care.
  • Review the different model realizations of micro hospitals and the potential of micro-hospital as anchor to medical office building to provide enhanced services to the covered population.

Recorded live on June 14, 2022.

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