The National Climate Assessment, the US Climate Resilience Toolkit, and Beyond | Northeast Region

A Regional Tour of Climate Risk for Planning and Design


Northeast Region | Join a climate scientist and developers of the US Climate Resilience Toolkit for a look at the expected climate risks for your region and strategies for integrating climate risk into your design process. Get an in-depth summary of changing and expected climate trends and extremes for each region of the United States.

The course covers impacts and strategies for design professionals to increase air quality, human health, and the adaptive capacity of the built environment. Course material is based on the US National Climate Assessment (NCA) with specific case study and climate adaptation examples arising from the NCA and its associated resources. The US Climate Resilience Toolkit is featured as a valuable resource for integrating climate risk into the design process. Several updates from the recent UN global report on climate science will also be included. The series includes captured Q&A with the presenters and printable summaries. 


Learning objectives

  • Understand expected future climate projections and how to plan, design, and monitor risk escalation compared to service life expectation
  • Know the types of experts, resources, and tools to go to for authoritative climate information for every US region and many international locations
  • Learn how ‘compound’ events and trends lead to and integrate multiple facets of resilient design requirements
  • Be able to confidently discuss climate trends and climate resilience to stakeholders of your projects, including leading discussions of risk and opportunity in design and construction choices

This session was recorded live on November 8, 2021.


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