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Net Positive Energy: Catalyzing a Carbon-Free Future

This course aims to deepen your understanding of the design and financial feasibility of creating NZE buildings and prove that carbon-free Living is possible.


Carbon-free living is possible—the emergence of net-zero energy (NZE) and net-positive energy buildings is proof. But are these revolutionary buildings one-offs or catalysts for change?

We’ll examine possibilities for a carbon-free future from four perspectives:

  • World: How have movements such as the International Living Future Institute’s Net Zero Energy program affected the climate conversation and brought projects toward the Living Building Challenge?
  • Community: What impact have NZE buildings had on communities? Have they raised the bar, and have subsequent buildings also been NZE?
  • Firm: What impact has designing an NZE building had on architectural firms?
  • Self: What has been the personal journey of NZE designers, in terms of expectation and personal practice?

You will deepen your understanding of the design and financial feasibility of creating NZE buildings—and how having this capability can enhance your practice.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic net zero energy definitions
  • Understand basic approach to net zero energy design
  • Consider related elements of design, such as aesthetics, mechanical systems integration, and biophilia
  • Describe a variety of net zero energy buildings and their key components


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  • Amanda Sturgeon

    Amanda Sturgeon

    FAIA, LEED Fellow

    CEO | International Living Future Institute/Living Building Challenge

    Amanda Sturgeon, FAIA is CEO of the International Living Future Institute, home of the Living...