Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) in 7 Climate Zones: an Analysis of How to Design NZEBs in Varied Climates

Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) in 7 Climate Zones: an Analysis of How to Design NZEBs in Varied Climates

Case studies of Net Zero Energy buildings in 7 distinctly different climates compare techniques to effectively drive energy use down to reach net-zero energy.


As part of the 2030 Challenge, Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) have become an imperative in the battle against global warming. This program looks at effective techniques that have been used on a variety of projects to effectively drive energy use down to reach the goal of net-zero energy. The course will help design professionals to better understand the process for designing NZEBs, and how this has been accomplished in challenging climate zones throughout North America.

The presentation will include brief case studies and a review of bioclimatic challenges and solutions for each location. 

Learning objectives

  • Understand the critical importance of involving the entire team during the conceptual stages of the project to develop optimized strategies for designing Net Zero Energy Buildings.
  • Differentiate building energy-efficiency strategies that are not heavily impacted by climate and location.
  • Discuss the implications of bio-climatic conditions commonly found in regions of North America and understand their potential impact on building performance and strategies for minimizing their impacts.
  • Discuss an integrated approach for designing Net Zero Energy Buildings in various regions throughout North America with a realistic understanding of how challenges should be resolved.
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  • John Andary

    John Andary


    Bioclimatic Design Leader, Integral Group

    John Andary is a Mechanical Engineer and Principal at Integral Group where he brings over 30 years...
  • David Kaneda

    David Kaneda

    FAIA, PE, LEED AP, CEng, Eur Ing

    Managing Principal, Integral Group

    David Kaneda’s experience includes over three decades working in the building industry in North...
  • John Weale

    John Weale


    Associate Principal, Integral Group

    John Weale is an Engineer Fellow who has been involved as a lead designer or key technical advisor...

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