The New East River: Transformative Waterfront Design

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Innovative Waterfront Design: Rejuvenate cities. Revolutionize practice.


Take a bold step with industry experts working to transform the waterfront of New York's East River. Using new models of sustainable neighborhoods, your instructors are investigating the future of zoning and green infrastructures and innovative architecture to create diverse public spaces and economic opportunities.

Through an examination of modern case studies, you'll learn how to reconcile competing interests from private and public sectors and create inclusive solutions and to accomplish larger urban goals that don't lose sight of public benefits. This course will provide valuable insight into the future of the East River and urban architecture as a whole.

Learning objectives

  • Explain how to reconcile competing interests in waterfront design such as government, private development, and non-profit advocacy. 
  • Discuss how to balance design with the different interests between private investment, public amenity, governmental regulations, and community needs on the waterfront.
  • Understand how architectural design can support infrastructure investments including water taxis and transit connections, waterfront parks, alternative energy systems, and innovative storm water treatment techniques.
  • Discover tools and techniques for addressing critical issues of resiliency and sustainability in waterfront design that are cost effective and support permitting and approvals.

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Contents Video, quiz, evaluation

Expiration One year after purchase

Duration 1:00

Passing Score 80% on quiz