The Other ‘F Word’ in Architectural Practice



Fabrication is no longer a term isolated to the technical innovators of the AEC industry – it is a ubiquitous component of academia and rapidly gaining traction in contemporary practice. As with normalizing of sustainable design and use of BIM, the bespoke is yet another expectation on contemporary practice, and file to factory is an inevitability. This session proposes where and how design practices acquire this knowledge base is neither standardized nor immediately accessible. Architecture and interior design have always been about the creative manipulation of data in fabricating the built environment. At this point in history, access to the design knowledge, technological acumen, and skilled services do not drive architectural innovation, they are necessities for professional survival. The classic model of “design, draft, and deploy” with a conventional construction palette is giving way to a seamless file to factory paradigm where creative mass customization is at a designer’s disposal. Drawing upon examples and voices from academia, practice, fabricators, construction and case studies, this session delves into the opportunities open to design practice as it increasingly adopts a file to factory paradigm. Hosted by the Retail and Entertainment Knowledge Community.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the shift towards participatory digital fabrication methods being taught in design school  
  • Recognize opportunities to leverage the knowledge of bleeding-edge fabrication methods and the costs and benefits of transitioning to a file to factory paradigm 
  • Assess gaps in operations and develop a workflow integrating options for support in a design practice 
  • Gain insight into the complexities of undertaking new fabrication methods as a means for realizing innovations in built form through real world examples 

This session was recorded live on August 23, 2022.

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  • Eric Bury

    Eric Bury

    B.Arch, B.ES

    Director of Project Development | Eventscape

    Architecturally trained, Eric is skilled in providing unique solutions for uncommon challenges...
  • Joe Donelko

    Joe Donelko


    Senior Designer | ROSSETTI

    Joe is a multi-talented designer who has a unique niche in facade design, fabrication, and...
  • Sande Frisen

    Sande Frisen


    Partner | ROSSETTI

    As an expert in project management and technical design, Sande’s specialized skills, along with...
  • Vincent Hui

    Vincent Hui

    B.E.S., C.U.T., M.Arch, MBA, LEED AP, MRAIC, Assoc. AIA

    Associate Professor | Department of Architectural Science, Toronto Metropolitan University

    Vincent Hui teaches studio, structures, and digital tools at Toronto Metropolitan University's...