Portland Building Perspectives


In celebration of the recently completed Portland Building renovation, join us for a panel discussion featuring representatives from the City of Portland, Michael Graves Architecture and Design and the renovation project team. The panelists will share stories and insights from both the original construction project and the process of restoring and reinvigorating an architectural icon. Just as the Portland Building’s inception prompted an international conversation about Postmodern architecture and how we interpret history, so does the re-design engender a conversation about evolving approaches to historic preservation.

Learning objectives

  • Examine the history of the iconic Portland Building from inception to reinvigoration
  • Discuss the rationale and success of the progressive design-build delivery model for this project
  • Explore the approach to preserving the building’s historic integrity and design vision while modifying for building performance and occupant experience
  • Investigate the role of the Portland Building re-design in the context of historic preservation

This course was recorded live on May 11, 2021.

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  • Patrick Burke Headshot

    Patrick Burke


    Principal and Studio Head | Michael Graves Architecture & Design

    Patrick Burke, AIA, is Principal and Studio Head at MGA&D with over thirty-eight years of lead...
  • Erica Ceder Headshot

    Erica Ceder

    Senior Associate and architect | DLR Group

    Erica Ceder is a Senior Associate and architect at DLR Group specializing in the restoration and...
  • Brian Libby Headshot

    Brian Libby

     Journalist, Architecture and Arts Critic 

    Brian Libby is a Portland, Oregon-based journalist and critic focusing on architecture and the arts...
  • Kristin Wells Headshot

    Kristin Wells

    Facilities Manager | City of Portland

    Kristin Wells is a registered architect and has been in project management and development for...