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Rapid 5 Project: Creating a greenway system that benefits Central Ohio


Cities in the 21 Century cannot continue to see nature as a destination through parks and trail system development. The natural environment must become the foundation of growth, transportation network, and neighborhoods.

ULI Columbus and MORPC have embarked on a The Rapid 5 Project to develop a vision for an integrated open space network in Central Ohio that will prescribe how to best use our natural assets to benefit our economy, manage growth, provide access for recreation, education, and health, and preserve natural resources and environmental health. They partnered on organizing and sponsoring a creative exploration of the five waterways in Franklin County—the Big Darby, Scioto River, Olentangy River, Alum Creek, and Big Walnut Creek. The idea was to study knitting all five waterways into a single cohesive greenway system—one infused with exciting new ideas, expanded access, and community voices to benefit all Central Ohio.

This session focuses on the results of this exploration with Moderator, Alicia Gaston (ULI Columbus) and key representatives from participating firms: Tedd Hardesty (EDGE), Michael Bongiorno (AECOM), Jeff Pongonis (MKSK), Megha Sinha (NBBJ), and Brian Bernstein (REALM).

Learning objectives

  • Understand the importance of community engagement, especially with neighborhoods around these waterways
  • Discuss how a connected park system can benefit the physical and mental health of users
  • Ensure equitable access for all to these public spaces
  • Understand the environmental health benefits of a connected trail system

This session was presented and recorded live on January 25, 2022 by AIA Columbus.  

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