Reclaim Your Power! Win New Work by Being the Leader you are Meant to Be

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Pre-position your firm to win business by demonstrating leadership qualities with your clients, before they become your clients.


This session shows how to demonstrate leadership by how you interact with clients before they become your clients. The "chase" method of winning work is not a good demonstration of being a trusted partner. We help you return to the leadership role by distinguishing yourself and your firm, building relationships, changing your firm's culture from commodity-thinking to value-thinking, pre-positioning your firm to win, and reclaiming your influence over key decisions. Architects have had to relinquish key leadership roles in design and project management. Save yourself from working harder by working smarter, and get back to doing what you love—bringing your unique perspectives to design great solutions.

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate leadership from the start to refresh one's approach to winning work.   
  • Improve the way you describe your firm and what makes it distinctive from others.
  • Identify the key prepositioning steps for understanding client challenges and how to have a distinctive response and plan.
  • Recognize when you have a chance to win and how to avoid chasing work that you will not win.

Course details

Contents Video, quiz, evaluation

Expiration One year after purchase

Duration 1:30

Passing Score 80% on quiz