ReFAB PreFAB: The Practice and Science of Prefabrication at the Cutting Edge

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B Building Science


An exploration of opportunities in prefabrication and how it can influence sustainable design and revitalize residential neighborhoods.


Although prefabrication is not new to architectural practice, its full potential, particularly in residential design and construction, has yet to be realized. Could architects become the new trailblazers of mass production, by picking up where automakers and product manufacturers left off? Can they address consumer expectations through customization?

This course presents two very different case-studies of residential prefabrication. The benefits of each case are presented, along with in-depth discussions of their unique means and methods, achievements, and lessons learned. These case studies demonstrate the range of options available and the potential for architects to lead a transformation of the construction marketplace.

Learning objectives

  • The potential of prefabricated residential architecture in: sustainable design, computer modeling in the factory process and avenues of mass production.
  • The benefits of prefabricated architecture including: cost savings, reduced material consumption, expedited delivery, increased quality and reduced exposure to regional labor shortages.
  • The limitations of prefabrication: What can be completed in the factory, on site, and when/how to make concessions? Know flexible design strategies.
  • The benefits of prefabrication applications in home-ownership, use as a tool to preserve existing neighborhood cultures.

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