Reflections on a Year in Crisis: Leveraging Vision & Core Values to Emerge Stronger


No one in the field of Architecture and Design will forget 2020-2021. It changed the way we thought about our world and our duty to use our inherent creative abilities to lead and to affect positive change in our profession and in the built environment. Join us for a casual conversation between three firm owners including a well-established minority-owned firm who thrived during the pandemic and a woman and minority-owned start-up. Together, we look back on how this year and our experiences will pave the way for firms focused on environmental justice, health, and equity issues.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about the design profession's ability to work through a year of public health, economic, racial, environmental and political crises.
  • Discover new processes firm principals invented or employed during the past year that allowed their firms to adapt and survive.
  • Understand how this year helped refine the vision for these firms.
  • Learn what firms will do to take advantage of lessons from this year moving forward.

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