Removing Barriers Successfully to Provide Access to All

Applying accessibility regulations to existing buildings is complex. Equip yourself with a plan for tackling barriers to renovation.


When you have numerous deficiencies in an existing building, where do you begin? Removing barriers for renovation and alteration projects is easier when you have excellent options and strategies for doing so. This course provides the guidance you need to understand the complexity around barrier removal and provide solutions for removal, and answers to common questions, such as "Is there such a thing as being grandfathered?" and "Why is the plan's examiner asking us to confirm that 20% of the construction cost is for resolving barrier-removal matters?"

Applying accessibility regulations to existing buildings is complex. It's critical you understand these regulations and how they may apply to your current and future projects. Examples covered include parking, exterior accessible routes, interior accessible routes, common restrooms, amenity and common spaces, and employee common areas. By equipping yourself with a plan for tackling barriers to renovation, you'll help ensure your firm avoids costly redesigns—and headaches.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the applicable accessibility codes and standards that apply to buildings and sites.
  • Understand the significance of barrier removal in an existing building and the parameters associated with the task.
  • Pinpoint typical barrier-removal items and solutions to possible challenges.
  • Describe the means and methods of determining what barriers you may face in an existing building or site—and the action plans needed to rectify them.
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  • Peter Huitzacua

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