Research for Practice: How to Increase Your Competitive Edge

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Bolster your competitive edge and advance your leadership skills by applying research thinking to design projects.


Research-driven design is in demand, and savvy clients are increasingly interested in this informed approach. This constructive session shows you how to create evidence-based design solutions and prepare your firm to embrace this approach.

Learn to satisfy the demands of your client base as presenters discuss:

  • Multidisciplinary approaches using multiple knowledge bases to achieve sustainability, resilience, and wellness
  • How research transforms the process of design and problem-solving, as well as the rationale, benefits, and methods of incorporating this research
  • Strategies and tools for gathering and sharing evidence-based design knowledge

Your clients are asking for research-driven design. Are you prepared to offer it?

Learning objectives

  • Understand the relationship of research to today’s practice of architecture, as well as to the design process.
  • Learn how and when to integrate research into architectural practice.
  • Explore how to present and discuss research with clients.
  • Gain knowledge of architect-friendly research tools and databases.

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Duration 1:00

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