Resilience + Adaptation—An Introduction. Course 1. AIA Resilience and Adaptation Online Series.

Get started on the path to integrating resilient design services into your firm and engaging, in a meaningful way, in resilience conversations and efforts.


This detailed and interactive course introduces resilience and adaptation foundations, including history and evolution, and offers key data points that will help you develop as a knowledgeable resource on the topic, support your efforts to integrate resilient design services into your firm, and be equipped to participate in local and national resilience conversations and efforts.

This course is part of the AIA Resilience and Adaptation Online Series, a multi-course series that provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to design for resilience. Take all of the courses in this series to earn a certificate of completion.

The AIA Resilience and Adaptation Online Series is developed by the AIA as part of the resilience and adaptation initiative.

Learning objectives

  • Describe shocks and stresses most critical to the built environment and the important role of architects in protecting people and property.
  • Explain the performance attributes of hazard mitigation, resilience, and adaptation as different approaches to address shocks and stresses in the built environment.
  • Discuss the qualities and characteristics of resilient and adaptable design strategies.
  • Describe different roles and responsibilities for architects forwarding resilience goals.
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