The San Francisco Giants' Mission Rock Project

Learn about how the San Francisco Giants and Perkins+Will are working to redevelop their surface parking lots into a new mixed-use neighborhood.


Together with the City and Port of San Francisco, the San Francisco Giants have long-range plans to redevelop the current surface parking lots in the Mission Rock area as a new mixed-use neighborhood that provides 40% affordable housing, two urban parks, a strolling retail district, and midrise office and apartment buildings. After many public presentations and input over several years, the original concept plan underwent further modifications in 2015 and prevailed in seeking height approval from the voters. Currently the Giants and their urban design team at Perkins+Will, are working on refining the building massing and architectural design guidelines for the project. The presentation and discussion will feature what type of urban community the team envisions and how issues of public participation, housing diversity, and sustainability have shaped the plan.

Learning objectives

  • Develop understanding of suitable and desirable urban open space concepts for higher density communities that maximize public enjoyment of a broad array of active and passive activities and accommodate the full spectrum of the population, especially children, the elderly, and those with disabilities.
  • Learn about both the challenges and the benefits of creating mixtures of retail, office, residential, and entertainment or cultural facilities within close proximity to one another to foster a vibrant “24-7” neighborhood. Be exposed to the precinct, block, and individual building typologies and urban open space precedents that serve as suitable models for designing new mixed use, higher density urban developments.
  • Learn about participatory methods and stakeholder influences that shape larger scale urban multi-block developments, and how project developers and their professional planning and design teams manage the process and respond to evolving ideas and influences, with a particular focus on meeting citizen and policymaker expectations concerning public benefits such as open space, cultural amenities, preservation, inclusion of affordable housing, and locally owned businesses.
  • Identify methods and techniques used in multi-block higher density mixed-use developments to achieve long term sustainability goals, especially for balancing housing and jobs, reducing dependency on non-renewable resources, and managing storm water in an urban setting.
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