The Seeds of Sustainability


This session follows the lifecycle of wood, wood fiber, and mass timber as sustainable design alternatives for the built environment. You'll learn about continuous improvement considerations for project teams as well as how to address the positive impact of wood-based building products for facility management and the occupants' health and well-being.

Learning objectives

  • Review natural resources, including the importance of wood and wood by-products for carbon sequestration, and resource management practices that protect ecosystems.
  • Discuss sustainable standards in manufacturing and construction that maintain workplace and job site safety and code compliance as well as how alternative materials assist with green rating programs.
  • Address the benefits of wood, wood fiber, and mass timber as building materials meeting design criteria and construction requirements, and how biophilic designed wood-based materials improve occupant health, reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve well-being.
  • Explore how wood-based materials increase building performance, improve post-occupancy efficiencies, and the positive impact of wood as a renewable resource for our rapidly changing planet.

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