Seeing the Difference: A Comparative Analysis Tool and Process

Learn how to quickly assess and compare facilities and facility characteristics in order to assist with and expedite project and facility related decisions.

Learning objectives

  • Understand, identify, and select the various and most important Assessment Characteristics of a project or facility assessment assignment.  
  • Determine best method to score those Assessment Characteristics of highest importance to the user or client. 
  • Learn to present and deliver the assessment results to client or user as a means of promoting safe and reliable project and facility decisions. 
  • Learn to understand the flexibility of this tool and apply to a broad range and variety of assessment uses to assist with important project related design, analysis, evaluation, and decision processes. 


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  • Mark Handy


    Director of Building Data Solutions | TRC Worldwide Engineering 

    Mark has over 40 years of experience in developing and implementing facilities management systems....
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    Director Facilities and Plant Operations | Medical Associates Clinic and Health Plans

    Bob began in private practice and has practiced in the owner/corporate healthcare field (hospital...
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    Studio Lead | VIATechnik 

    Geoff is a Studio Lead, Architect, and AECO Technologist with a strong interest in utilizing VDC...