Seeking a Mid-Career Change or New Path? Strategies from an AEC Recruiter


Nancy Horne has successfully worked with the most talented architecture candidates and firms across the United States and gained valuable insights that will be yours. Nancy gets right into our topic, as she offers advice on working with a recruiter, answering difficult interview questions concisely, building your social and professional network, improving your interviewing skills (by gaining perspectives from the other side of the desk), and new opportunities for remote work and more. Nancy also shares how to:

  • Be a candidate that stands out from the others
  • Confidently explain a mid-career change or re-entry back into your chosen career
  • Find your ideal position, even if it isn’t posted
  • Become a candidate that principals and HR Directors want to hire NOW!

The pandemic has changed how we interact with each other AND it has changed how firms recruit, interview, onboard and more, so there is much to learn. Nancy leads the session with facilitator/career coach, Mia Scharphie, helping to illuminate the learning and help you take that next step in advancing your career. Sign up today.

Learning objectives

  • Learn what a recruiter looks for in job candidates in the architecture field and be able to apply that knowledge to your own job search.
  • Discover how to confidently answer difficult questions about yourself, such as breaks in work or career changes, when applying for a job and/or during a job interview.
  • See how to represent yourself as a three-dimensional professional with more to offer then what is on your resume and be the one firms and colleagues want to work with.
  • How to build your social and professional network to promote your expertise, skills, and experience to demonstrate your value and benefit to a company.

This session was recorded live on October 19, 2021.


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  • Nancy Horne

    Founder | NDH Search

    Nancy Horne, founder of NDH Search, has successfully worked with the most talented candidates...
  • Mia Scharphie

    Founder | Build Yourself

    Has been a creative agent of change for more than 15 years, with a mission to help women in the...