Selection and Utilization of Architectural Grade Aluminium Windows

Gain the necessary knowledge for selecting the best window systems based upon the owner's needs and code requirements.


From the beginning of constructing shelters, windows have been utilized for ventilation, lighting, and egress. They are still utilized today for the same reasons but with far greater efficiency. Building construction and construction component requirements continue to change based upon the local environment; construction codes; type of occupant and energy requirements. Over the years, windows have changed to keep up with all these demands. Test standards have been created specifically for evaluating window performance. Window operation or configurations have also changed giving architects a range to select from. Selecting the correct window for a project can seem overwhelming with all the options. A better understanding of performance levels; testing standards and configurations will help narrow down the best options for each specific project. In this presentation, review test standards and how to evaluate them; performance levels; window configurations, and how windows are installed. This high-level review will aid architects and designers in selecting the best window systems based upon the owner's needs and code requirements.

Learning objectives

  • Understand all the various configuration options available in Architectural Grade Aluminum Windows
  • Understand the various performance grades offered and the differences between these
  • Review the importance of the testing standards supporting window performance
  • Understand the various ways that windows can be installed based upon code requirements and the surrounding condition


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