Site and Resilience Case Study: Marine Education Center at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, Ocean Springs, Mississippi


The designers of a 2020 AIA/COTE Top Ten project on the Gulf Coast respect the natural order by putting it to work.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how the design team approached the oceanfront site with ecology front of mind.
  • Explore how in choosing the building location, the design team consulted with biologists and coastal ecologists to assess flora and fauna in three pre-determined zones.
  • Review the factors that drove the ultimate site selection, with the least sensitive ecosystem, access to open water, an existing tree canopy to serve as a natural wind buffer, and suitable building elevation to protect the buildings in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Realize how, considering natural disasters and durability, the design strategy focused on using and maintaining the land to serve as the first line of defense.

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