Small Firm Sustainable Strategies: Applying Sustainable Principles to Small Projects

Small Firm Sustainable Strategies: Applying Sustainable Principles to Small Projects

Leading small firm professionals teach how to select affordable “green” materials, explore innovative responses to nature, and promote conservation techniques


Being green ain’t so easy when green (funding) is scarce and designing sustainably is expensive. You’ll examine cost reduction strategies while providing key environmental benefits, including rainwater harvesting, material use, siting strategies, and incentive programs. A syllabus for a three-workshop series is explored:

“Sustainable Strategies at the Scale of Construction & Materiality” - Affordable “green” materials, small-scale construction methods, and materials and systems life cycles.

“Sustainable Strategies at the Global Scale”  - Responses to nature, conservation techniques and energy consumption issues.

“Sustainable Strategies at the Scale of Site & Locality” - Land use strategies, typological options, development alternatives, creative land use design and community decision-making through structured neighborhood capacity, infrastructure, mobility and connectivity.

Learning objectives

  • Learn techniques and methods for staying current on innovative sustainable design strategies.          
  • Learn how you can become prime advocates for and “agents for change” to the built environment.
  • Learn how to develop a broader small firm network and exchange ideas with your colleagues as part of a sharing of best practices.
  • Learn strategies to outreach and engage your local community in issues related to sustainable design and best practices.
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