So You Want to Build an Equitable Future? Practice Innovation through Universal + Inclusive Design


How can the architecture profession go beyond the minimum requirements of code minimums and the Americans with Disabilities Act to create more equitable and inclusive spaces for all? Today, designers are looking at how the built environment can affect a person physically, mentally, and socially. Young architects will learn how to be advocates for incorporating principles of universal design in their projects not only to achieve more successful designs, but to achieve more equitable communities where all may thrive.

Attendees will hear from a diverse group of architects, designers, and strategists who are committed to designing for all and advocating for universal design standards. The panelists will share their background, vision, project samples, and insights in why inclusive, universal design is imperative for architects and their communities. Attendees will learn various methods of incorporating universal design practices in their work and daily lives. The panelists will expand on how and why architects should take on a leadership role in designing the built environment to be both beautiful and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, gender identity, ethnicity, sexuality, or status in life. Hosted by the Young Architects Forum (YAF).

Learning objectives

  • Participants will determine ways in which the built environment plays a role in perpetuating social inequity and harming the health, safety, and welfare of marginalized populations by prioritizing certain “default” identities.
  • Participants will identify the work of design justice activists who are developing new architectural practices, processes, and paradigms in order to build a just future.
  • Participants will investigate an intersectional concept of justice: understanding how issues of justice intersect with health, safety, wellbeing, accessibility, social justice, and equity in public space and beyond.
  • Participants will be inspired to take action and promote inclusive, universal design and advocate for accessibility beyond minimum requirements in their projects and communities.

This session was recorded live on August 9, 2022.

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  • Olivia Asuncion

    Olivia Asuncion

    Project Architect | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

    Olivia has oriented her career path towards advocating for inclusive design. She received her...
  • Seb Choe

    Seb Choe

    Associate Director | MIXdesign

    Seb Choe (they/m) is a gender-fluid Korean-American architectural researcher and community...
  • Jade Ragoschke

    Jade Ragoschke

    Vice President | World Deaf Architecture

    Jade Ragoschke is a Taiwanese unilaterally deaf architect from Chicago and a graduate of New York...
  • Ileana Rodriguez

    Ileana Rodriguez

    Principal | I Design Access, LLC

    Principal at I Design Access, LLC and international architectural designer consultant for major...