Specifying Gas Fireplaces For Today's Homes


This course will provide an introduction and overview of standard and specialty gas fireplaces and will explore why these fireplace types are advantageous for residential new construction and remodel projects. Attendees will understand the differences between gas, wood, and electric fireplace types. Attendees will review various styles of gas fireplaces on the market and understand the key specification criteria and technology for this product category. This course will guide architects in selecting the right gas fireplace based off of home type, client type, and project end-goals.

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Learning objectives

  • Review the various types of appliances that comprise the hearth category and understand why direct-vent gas types are advantageous in residential new construction and remodel projects
  • Learn core technologies of gas fireplaces including venting systems, heat management options, safety glass, remote automation and energy saving mechanisms
  • Look at current direct-vent gas fireplace types, styles, and "whole hearth wall" material trends including: traditional realism, fusion design, modern linear, and outdoor applications
  • Go through the design and selection criteria for specifying direct-vent gas fireplaces including: framing requirements, vent run requirements, clearance to combustibles, connection points, and finishing around the unit 

Recorded live on September 22, 2022.


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