State of the Art in Architectural Photography

Improve your ability to create compelling photographs, upload them to social media, incorporate video into your online presence and work smarter with professional photographers.


An image is worth a thousand words—but are you using the right images to convey your ideas? Learn to create compelling photographs and videos during this interactive session.

It’s more important than ever that an architect be able to present the most striking photographs and videos of their work. Techniques learned during this seminar will help you share, present or create more visually inspiring imagery. You will be able to use promotional photography to connect to the marketplace, whether through client presentations, design award submissions, magazine articles or images shared via the internet and social media.

A team of photographers from Washington, D.C.-based Photographing Spaces will discuss:

• Tips, resources, and digital imaging techniques used by professional photographers

• How photography can communicate your vision and inspire the public to embrace the practice of architecture

• How architects can use images in social media and incorporate video into their online presence

Explore your own potential as an architectural photographer or learn to work smarter with your own professional photographer.

Learning objectives

  • Distinguish between the different types of cameras, specialty lenses and lighting that are used to effectively document architecture.
  • Analyze the ways photography is used to educate and publicize all aspects of architecture and design.
  • Understand the elements of social media marketing used in architectural photography and how to achieve them with modern cameras and digital photographic equipment.
  • Define the photographic and production terms and definitions necessary to communicate a with a professional photographer.
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  • Judy Davis

    Judy Davis

    Founding Partner, Hoachlander Davis Photography, LLC.

    Co-Founder, Photographing Spaces 

    Judy Davis brings an award-winning eye to architectural and design photography and specializes in...
  • Anice Hoachlander

    Anice Hoachlander

    Founding Partner, Hoachlander Davis Photography, LLC.

    Co-Founder, Photographing Spaces

    For over 30 years, Anice Hoachlander has worked with architects and designers, documenting their...
  • Allen Russ

    Allen Russ

    Associate Photographer, Hoachlander Davis Photography, LLC.

    Co-Founder, Photographing Spaces

    Allen Russ is a professional photographer specializing in photographing landscape architecture,...

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Contents: Video, quiz, evaluation

Expiration: One year after purchase

Duration: 1:00

Passing Score: 80% on quiz