High-Performance Design Workflows

Sustainability, Simplified: Integrated High-Performance Design Workflows

Explore the full set of Autodesk tools from the Revit and FormIt families, to learn how to streamline your design workflows, enhance sustainability, and improve building performance.


Like every other industry, technology has impacted design and architecture in a big way. This course will introduce a full set of Autodesk tools to help streamline your design workflows and improve building performance. You'll learn about processes and best practices for using analysis as an integrated, iterative, and early part of the design process.

Join us for an in-depth look at the Revit and FormIt family of design tools, including:

• Green Building Studio and Energy Analysis for Revit

• Lighting Analysis for Revit

• Tally for Lifecycle Assessment

• LEED Automation tools

Learning objectives

  • Determine what goal or question you are trying to answer with analysis
  • Learn what tools will provide feedback on the metrics you are interested in
  • Use energy analysis feedback to inform and define deeper design analysis studies
  • Contribute to holistic workflow processes and provide input on Autodesk tool functionality
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  • Stephanie Egger

    Stephanie Egger

    LEED Green Associate

    Building Performance Analysis Evangelist, Autodesk

    Stephanie Egger is an Evangelist for the Building Performance Anaylsis team at Autodesk. She is...